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Climate Literacy Resolution


Whereas: The students of LAUSD, 90+ percent children of color, suffer disproportionately from the mounting climate crises, especially those who live in L.A’s neglected city center see maps which at times get so hot they are becoming dangerous1, 2, 3, while many people don’t have AC, and even at school, there are several days each year that kids can’t play outside; 


Whereas: The pollutants from the freeways and refineries in our neighborhoods increase as the climate gets hotter so more students, parents and teachers are getting asthma, heart disease, diabetes and dying younger, presenting difficult times for our students4, 5, 6;


Whereas: Drought7 deepens due to global warming, making our water supplies less certain and more polluted, becoming additional uncertainty for our students;


Whereas: Pandemics like COVID19, that have killed so many, will happen more frequently because we are destroying the natural habitats of plants and animals8, 9, 10, forcing students to miss school, stressing families and students;


Whereas:The increasing heat waves, fires, droughts, downpours, and floods, are due to burning fossil fuels11a, which continues despite humanity’s understanding, confronting students with increasingly unstable futures.11b


Whereas: students’ social and emotional health are supported by parents’ experiences and cultures12, by friendships they develop in school, by community groups working to better the environments and experiences of youth and communities, and especially significantly, students gain in all dimensions by time in nature13, 14, 15, 16–on school yards, parks, beaches, or trails;


Whereas: our students’ mental and emotional health must be supported by learning the truth of climate crises, thinking through solutions for themselves, and having a say and taking a part in climate solutions to be implemented in their surroundings;


Whereas: Schools can teach these deep considerations since they are strategically placed as the “beating hearts of communities”, preparing students for the millions of jobs in the rapidly expanding green economy17,18, 19 and for the work of realigning civilization to Nature’s flows20;


Whereas: With proper support all teachers can infuse climate themes into all subjects, well beyond STEM, all of which affect culture and governance;


Whereas: ongoing support and coordination are required at various levels to rapidly improve and increase climate teaching, especially because climate is highly related to equity, and both subjects are complex and emotionally and politically fraught;


Whereas the District has monies from both federal and state government that are specifically directed at improving schools ability to address equity and climate in curricula, money that must be spent in 3 to 5 years21–28;


1) NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that LAUSD commits to immediately prioritizing financial and academic resources to fulfill the promise to our students of a 21st century education, by developing, implementing, and infusing climate change education in every grade, TK-12 

2) BE IT RESOLVED that LAUSD recognizes that this can be done only by supporting each school community in designing yearly climate action plans and assuring every teacher ongoing support and training in developing ways to include climate change within their own curriculum, working collaboratively within every department and grade level;

3) BE IT RESOLVED LAUSD will develop and implement a comprehensive program of outdoor education ramping up to at least one visit per year for all students, starting with schools with populations with the least contact with nature. 

4) BE IT RESOLVED that the LAUSD will create a Framework for climate education, elementary through 12th grade, and that LAUSD will create a one-semester, culminating course for high school, required for graduation, on Climate Change Solutions, both global solutions and ones that completely integrate local issues of climate justice, including toxic tours, and a service-learning project of action on a climate problem;

5) BE IT RESOLVED that LAUSD will create a Climate Curriculum Task Force and new administrative leader to manage and be accountable for coordinating all these efforts with a broad, community- and school-based Task Force. (See Addendum 1 for job description.)

6) AND BE IT RESOLVED that LAUSD will establish 60 new positions for Climate Education Advisors, each one working within COSA’s, with schools serving a population of about 10,000 students, to work with all stakeholders at their assigned schools. (See Addendum 2 for job description.)

7) BE IT RESOLVED that every school will receive at least one hour minimum daily auxiliary funding to pay for Climate Coaches who work daily with teachers at the school site and their Climate Advisors on developing climate literacy specific to their school.  

8) AND FINALLY BE IT RESOLVED that LAUSD will continue its financial and academic support for as many years as it takes to completely integrate into the education of our precious students the 21st Century reality of climate change, climate justice, and a just transition.

References: (See Addenda)


Addenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kh9ZGmg5aokp74aIURuhnRZyrgc8OVKtGPrlFievT8s/


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